The Drive-In


There’s nothing better than pulling up to that outdated speaker in a graveled parking lot. You pop the trunk and sit in the back of the car with the anticipation of watching a movie on a large screen in the sky. Homemade snacks and the grocery bag of popcorn are already in your lap when the dancing candy intro comes on. Ahh…the drive-in.

Having a wedding engagement shoot at a location like that would be stunning. I know a great photographer that could take it to a whole new level of beauty. Paper is by far one of my favorite photographers to date. The photographer, Zak Kelley, has a way of capturing the perfect and most unexpected moments.

He somehow takes a modern photo and gives it a vintage twist. He’s especially good in low light situations. He creates a wide spectrum of earth toned colors that seem to not exist in the real world. Absolutely stunning. There are no other words to describe his style.

Check out his work here (caution, you may have to pick your jaw off of the ground) and seriously consider a drive-in for your engagement shoot. It’s a combination that needs to be completed. Hopefully my drive-in Pinterest page will help get the ideas flowing.

Go Crazy with Your Wedding Theme

Who wouldn’t want to go to a magical themed wedding? I’m not going to lie. I absolutely love the most absurd wedding themes. It makes the wedding more personal and just plain fun.

The most popular wedding theme on our Pinterest board is our Harry Potter Wedding theme. Never in a million years would I have thought that my dorky obsession would become a popular wedding theme. I really want someone to do this theme for their wedding. Well, to tell the truth, I really want to design a wedding around this theme! Think about it…you could have the bridesmaids wear a Gryffindor scarf or the groomsmen wear a lightning bolt boutonniere. Oh the possibilities! You could make each guest put on the sorting hat to reaveal their seat assignment. Okay…so it may be a logistical nightmare, but it would still be fun! Check out our Pinterest board by clicking here.

The wackier the theme, the more fun it is to design. I love seeing the ideas that come out of my brides and grooms when they choose a theme that is unique to them. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Step out of the box. You only get one wedding (hopefully), so make the most of it!
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